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Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency wallet is the most trusted hardware wallet device for bitcoin and altcoins.

The wallet’s code is fully open source and the device supports a mass of altcoins, including all ERC20 compliant tokens.

Other than Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum and forks, Ledger also supports cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Stratis via Ledger’s Companion Apps.

Ledger Nano S also supports bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. The Ledger team is generally fast and diligent in Bitcoin fork support apps, as well as in patching security vulnerabilities.

Already have a Ledger Wallet?

The most popular cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger Nano S, is now available in 6 different colors and it’s not for vanity.

The colors will make it easier to admin your crypto wallets as you’ll be able to tell your Ledger devices apart.

Ledger Wallet

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