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Live offer - 3% Crypto cashback on your Ledger Wallet purchase.

Offer is valid on purchases of any product from the official Ledger Wallet shop.

Get 3% Ledger Wallet Cashback

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Ledger Wallet Backup Bundle - 3% Cashback

Following the announcement of delay in expected shipping of the new crypto wallet Ledger Nano X, Ledger is making an effort to keep the interest in the product.

We all know that bundle deals are a good way to keep the orders coming!

Crypto traders love bundles because for practical reasons, it is pretty much the standard to own not one but a whole bunch of cryptocurrency wallets now.

In April 2019, Ledger comes with an offer called ‘Backup Bundle’.

Ledger Wallet Backup Bundle

Ledger wallet ‘Backup Bundle’ contains:

  • 1 Ledger Nano X at regular price
  • 1 Matte Black Ledger Nano S at 50% off

In addition to the 50% discount on Ledger Nano S in this bundle, you are also eligible for the 3% cashback on your total order value.

The expected delivery is currently at the end of May 2019.

Ledger Nano X with Ledger Nano S at 50% off AND cashback

Get 3% Ledger Backup Bundle Cashback

Ledger Wallet 'Backup Bundle' Cashback

Live offer - 3% Crypto cashback on Ledger wallet 'Backup bundle'.

Ledger wallet Backup pack contains 1 Ledger Nano X and 1 Matte Black Ledger Nano S at 50% off!

Get 3% Cashback on Backup Bundle