Hodler's Cashback

We will give you 3% cashback paid in Bitcoin on your purchase of hardware wallets and other goods for cryptocurrency hodlers.

At the moment we are offering 3% cashback on all purchases at ledger.com.

How to get your crypto cash back

1. Sign up at Hodler’s Cashback

We use secure authentication via your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can sign up with your e-mail address. Use a valid e-mail address, we will need to send you an e-mail once your purchase was registered!

2. Make an order through your personal tracking link

With your registration a unique ID is generated for you. Your ID is automatically added to the links on our website, but remember that you need to make a purchase from the link clicked on our website to be eligible for the cashback.

3. Finish your purchase on your store of choice

It can take several days before we get to see your purchase and can confirm it, but we’ll send you an email once it happens.

4. Send us your payout BTC address via the form in your account page

This will be the BTC address where we will send your 3% cashback. If you want to change the address, simply submit another one through the same email.

5. Wait for an email confirming your payment

Before we send you the payment, you will get one more email from us confirming your payout address and specifying the date and time of the payment release. We will only pay you once the partner store confirms the purchase was not returned.

Your cashback will land in your BTC wallet within 4-6 weeks from your purchase.

Contact accounts@hodlerscashback.com with any account issue.

Ledger Wallet

Live offer - 3% Crypto cashback on your Ledger Wallet purchase.

Offer is valid on purchases of any product from the official Ledger Wallet website.

Get 3% Ledger Wallet Cashback